Ford Fiesta Crossover Spotted Out In The Open

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A new Ford crossover was spotted out in te open. While the vehicle was heavily covered in camo stickers, it is speculated that underneath it is the Ford Fiesta-based crossover.

The vehicle was heavily covered in camo stickers and plastic cladding so the design is pretty well hidden but we did get to see the new headlights along with the swopping belt line which is a little more subtle here.

It is belueve that this could be the Fiesta Active with a raised platform, tall ride height and rugged design similar to what the Focus got on the Active version. Other believe that it could be the succssor to the Ford EcoSport compact crossover.

At this point, we don’t even know if this model will ever make its way to the US but since it is a crossover and we know how popular crossover is in the US, it is possible that Ford would offer it here as well.