Ford Fiesta, Mustang: Inability To Deliver Raises An Eyebrow

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If there is one thing annoying about the EcoBoost-powered cars from Ford, it is the inability to achieve impressive fuel mileage with ease.

Ford marketed the EcoBoost mills to have a racing-like performance despite having a primary goal of saving fuel and this has blessed the technology with numerous awards. The problem here is that the majority are unlikely to achieve the fuel economy numbers on the brochures regardless of the vehicle they are driving.

Whether it is the Ford Fiesta, Focus or even the Mustang and the F-150, hitting the EPA-rated MPG is near impossible unlike how it is with cars from other makes. Something is clearly off here and a conspiracy is going around claiming that the EcoBoost engines are not good at all.

We stumbled upon a video that explains why the MPGs can’t be achieved on Ford’s EcoBoost-powered car in great detail and we recommend you to give it a watch.