Ford Flex Will Be Sorely Missed?

Ford has made it official. The automaker announced this week that they will be killing off the Ford Flex and while the news is sad, we can’ really say that we did not see it coming as the vehicle has not been doing that well the last few years.

Despite getting so much positive response when the vehicle was first shown off and many thought that this would draw some attention away from the SUV market but that did not happen.

The vehicle was powered by a 365hp EcoBoost V6 engine which is nice but Ford also decided to offer their Ford Explorer which was not only given the same platform but also a similar price tag pushing the Flex further into the shadow since everybody has heard of the Explorer and the Flex name was not that popular yet.

Even with what it had to offer, the series of events that happen after it was release put a damper on things and it looks like Ford is now ready to end this chapter of their story.

Author: Staff Reporter

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