Ford Focus Finally Addressing Broken Engine!

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It’s not fun to be a fan of the Ford Focus at the moment as the car is on the verge of making its exit from the US market. If that is not bad enough, the final generation Focus sold in this country has been plagued with a variety of issues ranging from transmission breakdown to complete engine failure.

Ford has been fixing the issues for a long while now but they have yet to address the engine failure on the car. Well, this is changing today after Ford announced that they are calling back an estimated 1.5million Focus here in the US to fix the engine problem for good.

The vehicles affected are those that are produced from 2012-2018 and they rely on the 2L GDI and 2L GTDI. As for the issue, Ford identified it to be with “an excessive vacuum in the fuel system could cause deformation of the vehicle’s plastic fuel tank.”

Owners of the affected Focus are being notified of the recall as we speak and we have to say that this is 7 years too late for Ford based on our experience with the Focus in our office.