Ford Focus RS Calls For You To Splurge $1.2k More

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The Ford Focus RS is already here in the US and it has a MSRP of $36,120. However, owning the car is not that easy as there is a high demand for it. The dealers are asking for $40,000 for the Focus RS which is way above the car’s MSRP tag.

Even so, you will also need to splurge an additional $1,200 if you wish to get the best out of your purchase. Ford’s number one tuner, Mountune, has developed an upgrade tune package for the Focus RS and it is now being sold in the UK for US$1,200.

With the tuning pack, your Focus RS will be capable of getting 370hp and 376ft-lbs of torque. This translates to about 20hp and 26ft-lbs of torque more than the basic Focus RS.

The best part of them all is that Mountune is certified by Ford hence applying the tuning upgrade won’t destroy the warranty of your Focus RS. The only downside to this is that the tuning pack is pending to arrive here in the US hence you are required to wait a little longer.