Ford Focus RS Caught Behaving Like Mustangs On Car Meet

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Car Meet goers should know better that the Ford Mustangs are nicknamed as the pedestrian killer. This is after numerous cases of the Mustang running into the pedestrians on the side walk when attempting to show off the power which it has to offer.

Apparently, it is not only the Mustang that has an awkward thirst for blood that walks on street sides. The all-new Focus RS too happens to come with the same hunger and desire to run over those that relies on their foot.

As how you can see in the video below, a Car Meet almost ended up with casualties after a participating Focus RS lost control when attempting to drift its way out of the event.

Thankfully, the Focus RS managed to avoid collision at the last second hence saving the pedestrian killer label for a later date. Come to think of it, the all-new Ford Focus RS is equipped with a Mustang-sourced 2.3L turbo-4 engine. This could be why it is showing signs of being a peds killer.