Ford Focus RS: Coolant-Guzzling Fiasco Has A Messy Solution!

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The Ford Focus RS has proved its worth as one of the best sport hatchbacks around. Unfortunately, however, the car is not free from issues and one particular problem with the car has given owners a big headache.

It is with the coolant that tends to disappear after a driving session with the Focus RS. An investigation has found that the coolant is actually being consumed by the engine and this can cause extensive damages.

Ford announced earlier today that they are seeking a solution for the issue but what they mention next only offered more confusion than assurance. The carmaker basically said that affected customers should send their car at the nearest dealers and utilize their warranty for a fix.

It’s all messed up when you realize that there can’t be a fix when Ford is seeking for a solution. What sort of logic is that?

The only possible positive outcome is if Ford is trying to get affected Focus RS owners to get an engine replacement at the dealers. This sure sounds too good to be true but it is worth a shot right?