Ford Focus RS New Pricing Will Only Benefit Honda Civic Type R

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If you have missed out on purchasing the 2017 Ford Focus RS, you don’t have to worry because the sports hatch will still be available for purchase next year.

Ford has confirmed that the 2018 Focus RS will go on sale later this year and it will be the final production year model for the sports hatch. But unfortunately, you won’t be able to get the Focus RS for $36,995.

Ford revealed that they have increased the price for the 2018 Focus RS by a margin of about $5,000 and this is due to some upgrades being applied to the car. While not exactly new, Ford is offering the RS2 package as a standard on the 2018 Focus RS hence the price hike.

Well, it is not something which everybody wants and it does not help knowing that the Focus RS is now priced beyond $40,000. This will only scare away more potential buyers and it can benefit newcomer Honda Civic Type R.

The world’s fastest FWD sports hatch is about $8,000 cheaper than the Focus RS and this makes it more attractive on the value front. The Civic Type R also strong on the economic front and this makes it a more versatile choice for a sports hatch.