Ford Focus RS vs Audi SQ7: Sports Hatch Meets Jacked Up Hatch!

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Comparing the Ford Focus RS with the Audi SQ7 is like comparing apples and oranges but none of that matter when the scope here is performance. Both the Focus RS and the SQ7 are made to go fast but which of them can brag straight line glory over its competitor?

Our friends at Top Gear are well ahead of things as they have pitted the Focus RS with the SQ7 in a drag race to identify the faster car. If you are to keep in mind that a section of the community calls SUVs and crossovers as a taller hatchback, this race can get extra interesting.

On a brief note, the SQ7 brags more power as it has 429hp to offer from a 4L turbo-V8 setup but it is larger and heavier than the Focus RS. The latter is famous for its 345hp 2.3L turbocharged mill. Let’s find out which is faster in the video below.