Ford Focus RS vs Mustang: Insane Performance, Different Outcome

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Both the Focus RS and Mustang are two of the hottest performance cars which Ford has ever produced and today, we are finally able to find out which of the two is faster.

It is a tough call to make if you are to compare the Focus RS with the Mustang based on papers. This is because the duo seems like they are on par on the performance end of things.

The Focus RS relies on the Mustang-sourced 2.3L turbocharged 4-cylinder EcoBoost engine with 350hp to offer. Despite squaring it off with a Mustang, its competitor on the drag strip is the one that runs on a 5L V8 with 425hp to offer. So which is faster?

Well, we wouldn’t want to spoil the result for you and recommend you to catch the adrenaline-filled race below. Oh before we forget, the race was conducted by Top Gear UK.