Ford Focus RS500 Must Not Happen, Here’s Why

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Ford injected more excitement when they revealed that there is going to be an even more powerful version of the Focus RS and the vehicle is going to be called the RS500.

Based on the ordinary Ford Focus RS, the RS500 is expected to arrive with more than 400hp to offer and it is targeted at being the fastest sports hatch in history. Everything about the RS500 sounds great unless you are a Mustang fan.

One of the Mustang lovers shared with us that he is worried for the RS500. The lad felt that Ford is moving far too fast with the sports hatch department when they could have focus on enhancing the Mustang instead.

The Mustang fan explained that Mustang has long been Ford’s go-to performance car. For the Focus RS, it took them several years if not decades to finally bring the sports hatch into the US. The fact that Ford is too focussed on the Focus made the Mustang lovers miss that enthusiasm from Ford.

With that being said, should the RS500 happen? Well, considering that it is taking a lot of attention from Ford, then perhaps it is best to move past the vehicle.