Ford Fusion Could Roll Away If Drivers Become Careless [Recall]

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Ford will have to recall some of their Ford Fusion after it was discovered that the vehicle might roll away if the driver forgets to put in in Park.

This does not happen under normal circumstances since the vehicle won’t usually allow the driver to remove the ignition key if the vehicle is not in park but in these case, the shifter cable could detach from the transmission which would then lead to it allow drivers to remove the key even when the vehicle is not in Parl.

Those affected will be the Ford Fusion from 2013 to 2016. About 270,000 units of Ford Fusion will be recalled in North America due to this issue. Ford added that they are aware of three reports of property damage and one injury report that could be related to this issue.

While they wait for the fix, Ford said that owners should always check and see if their Fusion is in Park before exiting it to prevent it from rolling away.