Ford Fusion: Missing Steering Is Not A Response To GM’s Cruise AV!

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About a month ago, GM brought out a concept car called the Cruise AV and it attracted the attention of the masses due the absence of a steering wheel.

GM revealed that there isn’t a need for a driver at all because the Cruise AV is fully automated thanks to Level 5 autonomy technology. The bigger reveal is that the Cruise AV is targeting to make its debut by 2020.

For the driving enthusiasts, this is a scary sight because the Cruise AV will only hasten the death of driving a car. But for the average consumers, most of them have turned to Ford in anticipation of a similar response.

Well, that has wrongfully happened last week when the Ford Fusion stole the headlines for ditching its steering wheel. Instead of being a move to promote autonomous cars, the steering wheel on the Fusion is actually broken and lose all functions thus prompting Ford to perform a recall on the car.

A total of 1,301,986 Fusion in the US will be involved in the recall and owners of the affected vehicles are being notified as we speak.