Ford Fusion Not Out Of The Game Yet

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Ford has made it pretty clear that they are now looking to focus on SUVs, Crossovers, and trucks as they did announce that they will be killing off all their passenger cars in the US but it looks like we won’t have to part ways with the Ford Fusion that soon.

According to Ford, the Ford Fusion sedan will remain in production until 2021. They further explain that the most popular version of the sedan will stick around until 2020 while the Fusion Sports will be leaving us next year.

It was a huge surprise when Ford announced that they will be killing off the Ford Fusion Sport so soon as the vehicle was only introduced back in 2016 but it made sense as Ford just can’t seem to get people to buy it despite their effort to promote it. They even made it the centerpiece of the 2016 Detroit Auto Show.

Will you be missing the Ford Fusion Sport?