Ford Fusion To Follow Fiesta In Stateside Exodus?

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US car sales are on a steady growth in recent years but this is due to the stronger demand for crossovers and utility vehicles. Segments that are popular in the past, on the other hand, are experiencing a sharp decline.

An example would be with the subcompact hatchback scene. Names like Ford Fiesta and Honda Fit ended 2017 on the reds and this has led Ford to discontinue the once-popular model in the US.

Today, Ford returned to the headlines after they revealed that its US line-up is out of shape and the solution for this is to take stern actions against unprofitable models.

This basically means that Ford is wishing to cut more vehicles from the US if they are not selling well and we can’t help to think that the Fusion is next on the line.

Midsized sedans are also going out of favour in the US unlike how it is in other parts of the globe and even the likes of Toyota Camry and Honda Accord are struggling to maintain their high sales figures.

Things are obviously a lot worse for the Fusion, although the overall sales figure in 2017 is still pretty positive. Either way, anything on the reds won’t please Ford hence the Fusion is at risk of getting eliminated from the US if sales don’t improve this year.