Ford Gets The Mexican Ticket, Trump Gets To Laugh!

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Both Ford and Donald Trump can’t see eye to eye on many things and among them is the carmaker’s decision to produce vehicles in Mexico. Trump calls the move as an absolute disgrace but for Ford, it is merely business and a measure to keep the cost of production down.

Well, Ford was spot on with their claims but that streak ended today. Apparently, Mexico’s environmental prosecutor, Profepa, has slapped Ford with a $1.05 million fine. The reason is because the Ford cars sold in Mexico are not certified for gas emission and noise level.

Ford defended themselves by claiming that all their cars produced are in-line with the local law except for the fact that it was not certified on time. Ford revealed that they will revise their procedures to prevent the incident from repeating itself in the future.

Well, Ford is being mature with the penalty so that is a good sign. Even so, we suspect that Donald Trump is probably having the best laugh in this fiasco.