Ford Giving Their Infotainment System A Much Needed Update!

The Sync 3 was a better version of the previous infotainment system but it is clear that there still room for improvement. So will we see the changes get made on the newest software, Sync 4?

According to Ford, the new Ford Sync 4 software will be offered in 2020 although they did not say which model will be getting it first. From what we have already seen so far, the new Sync 4 is already a huge jump from the previous version.

Not only does it have twice the computing power of the Sync 3 but Ford also updated the graphics and look of the system giving it a more polish look. The system was also designed with a larger screen in mind somewhere in between 8 inches and 15.5 inches. If Ford does start offering new models with a 15.5-inch screen, they would out display the Tesla Model 3.

It was also highlighted that the system will have a cloud connection capability that can not only help search for the nearest chargers but also the best restaurants and more.

Author: Staff Reporter

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