Ford-GM 10-Speed Auto Hands Mustang A Grand Cherokee Nightmare!

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What is there not to like about the latest Ford Mustang? The muscle car is fast, powerful and is also very friendly to your wallets – considering the power which it has to offer.

The only setback with the Mustang is that the car is not entirely bulletproof and there are some production faults with the car. The biggest fault was discovered earlier this month and it is with the 10-speed automatic gearbox that is offered with the Mustang.

An investigation has revealed that the 10-speed automatics can’t engage into park properly hence putting the Mustang at risk of rolling away. It is an issue that is identical to the one experienced by the Jeep Grand Cherokee which led to several injuries and fatalities.

Knowing this, Ford is not taking any chances and have since announced on a recall involving every Mustang equipped with the 10-speed automatics.

The irony here is that the gearbox was co-developed by GM and no issues were found with GM’s cars that are equipped with the transmission – at least for now.