Ford-GM 10-Speed Auto Spoiling Mustang’s Party!

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Ford and GM share a bitter rivalry relationship but there have been occasions where the two companies are able to work together for some tech developments.

The latest collaboration occurred last year and it led to the birth of a brand-new 10-speed automatic gearbox. The new transmission is said to improve performance of sports cars by a significant margin hence explaining why GM rushed to apply the gearbox on the Camaro and Ford for the Mustang.

Today, the situation has taken a bitter twist for the Mustang as the 10-speed automatics have been found with a major issue. It is the inability to engage into Park properly.

If you can recall to just a year ago, there was a huge fiasco that involves the Jeep Grand Cherokee and its poorly designed gearbox. The failed Park feature has led to the death of a popular individual, in the hands of his Grand Cherokee.

Ford isn’t planning to let history repeat itself and it has since announced on a recall for the Mustang and several other vehicles that are equipped with the 10-speed automatics.