Ford GT Has Officially Lost Its Maker!

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Ford has finally released the all-new GT and if you are thinking about purchasing the car today, you are out of luck. The GT is sold out and Ford is now writing up apology letters to unsuccessful applicants.

If the GT is like a human being with emotions, then it is easily the saddest car in the world right now. This is because one of its makers has officially resigned from Ford. As how it was announced today, the assistant chief engineer at Ford Performance, Kip Ewing, has officially resigned from the company.

The lad was involved in several projects namely the Ford GT, Mustang and the Shelby GT500. Prior to joining Ford, Kip Ewing was employed by Aston Martin, Callaway Cars, Bentley, and ASC.

At the moment, Kip has yet to provide any statements to explain his decision. Whatever it is, Ford has certainly lost a jewel in their automotive industry.