Ford Mach E Rendering Gets Electric Crossover Design Right?

We will finally get to see how the Ford Mach E will look like in a few week’s time but for those that can’t wait, Mach E Forum does have something to offer us.

The Ford Mach E will be an electric crossover that is inspired by the Ford Mustang. The people over at Mach E Forum has come out with a rendering of what they think the vehicle will look like.

The vehicle was given some wide haunches and a Coke-bottle shape similar to the Mustang but on top of that, there is also the fastback roofline and a slight kick-up on the rear window. In the front sits a pair of slender and wide headlights along with a fake grille that is similar to what the Ford Edge was given.

The new Ford Mach E will be unveiled at the LA Auto Show this year which is happening on the 17th of November. According to Ford, the vehicle will have a range of 300miles and could be offered with a few battery size options.

Author: Staff Reporter

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