Ford Maverick To Be Name Of Upcoming Baby Bronco?

We are close to seeing what Ford has been working on the Bronco but that is not the only thing from Ford that we are looking forward to. Ford has also announced that they are working on a new baby Bronco model.

So far, the vehicle has been called just that, the baby Bronco but Ford might already have a name for it. According to Bronco6G forum’s Ford Parts Guy, the upcoming baby Bronco could be called the Ford Maverick.

This was suggested after Ford listed eight parts for key fobs and fob components for the 2020 Mavericks. Of course, we do not what the Maverick is at this point but some people seem to think that it might actually be the baby Bronco.

The upcoming baby Bronco has been spotted a few times now but Ford had made sure that they offer as little information as they can for now until they are ready to show it off.

Author: Staff Reporter

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