Ford Mini Bronco Has A Name Now?

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We already knew that Ford was working on a smaller crossover that will be based on the Bronco but all this time, the vehicle has been called the Baby Bronco. However, there might finally be a name for the vehicle now.

It was reported that Ford has just filled trademarks for the name Scout and Bronco Scout this month. In the filing, Ford stated that the vehicle will be a “Land motor vehicles, namely, passenger automobiles, pick-up trucks, SUV… ”

While at this point, it can be anything, most people believe that the name will be for the Baby Bronco since the Bronco name was part of that filing.

For those that are more familiar with the history of four-wheel drive models, the Scout was used for the International Harvester Scout, an early four-wheel drive. While that has nothing to do with Ford, it does make sense if Ford does choose the name for their upcoming crossover model.