Ford Mustang Can Outpace Lamborghini But At What Price?

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The Ford Mustang may not be the car you want to have racing against an exotic supercar like the Lamborghini Aventador but it is not impossible for the popular sports coupe to outpace an automotive icon.

You may argue that the stock Ford Mustang does not have enough power to challenge the Aventador and this is not wrong at all. However, with the Rough upgrades, the Mustang can look towards an output that is more than 700hp and a drag performance that is faster than an Aventador.

The best part about it is that the modified Lamborghini still comes with warranty and it has a price tag that is a fraction of the Italian supercar.

Anyone who can afford a Mustang can gain access to the Roush tunes but the fact that many are reluctant to do that highlights on greater expenses in the long run. The mods may churn out more power but this will have a strain on the Mustang’s stock structure and suspensions.

You can refer to it as a compatibility-related problem that can hurt you with high maintenance and repair costs – unlike how it is with the Aventador.