Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro To Fumble If FCA Gets Geely Merger!

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With sales in the local automotive scene dwindling, American makes are putting more emphasis on foreign markets – particularly with China. Last year saw Chevrolet launching the Camaro RS in the Far East nation to compete fiercely with the Ford Mustang.

The only problem with this is that both vehicles are very limited in terms of choices in China and they are twice more expansive than their twins here in the US.

The high calling price of the Camaro and Mustang in China may just bite them back in the near future if Fiat-Chrysler managed to find a powerful Chinese partner to merge with. Rumors are claiming that Geely is the best candidate for FCA and this will grant the cars from Fiat-Chrysler easier access into China.

We can’t imagine the change in the pace of sales if the likes of the Challenger and Charger are able to match the pricing of the Camaro and the Mustang over in China. Such a scenario will certainly ruin it for Ford and GM. What do you think?