Ford Mustang Confirms SUV Shift For Next-Gen!

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What you’re looking at above is a concept rendering of the Ford Mustang in SUV form and you should not be surprised if the study is to turn into reality.

SUVs have been selling significantly better than every other segment in the automotive industry and this explains why Ford has openly admitted to axing a number of popular nameplates to replace them with SUVs.

Soon, the Mustang will be joining that list but it won’t be completely eradicated from the US market. The sedan-like body style will be the one going away while the Mustang moniker will stay. So instead of being a 2-door muscle car, Ford will produce the Mustang as an SUV and this was further teased by their employees earlier today.

Everything which Ford has revealed online sounded dreadful until we came to realize that the date today is April 1.

While Ford has yet to come clean about it, we have no doubt that the carmaker is merely playing an April Fools joke on the masses as there is no way for them to lose their fanbase by turning the Mustang into an SUV.