Ford Mustang Drifts Straight Into Arrest!

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A couple of days ago, a group of Ford Mustang owners in San Francisco decided to shut down Bay Bridge and they managed to pull it off by blocking traffic and performing donuts right in the middle of the structure.

The whole happening was captured by a number of cameras and it created quite a huge controversy in the city. The act of blocking the entire traffic flow is purely rude for the group of Mustang owners and its worse when the intentions here are for that extra publicity.

The good news here is that those stuck in traffic called the cops and it led to the arrest of every Mustang involved. The law enforcers found it simple to catch the offenders as they simply block the other side of the bridge.

As for the strange news, the whole incident never involved any crash at all. We were really hoping for a Mustang to slide its way off the bridge but unfortunately, that did not happen.