Ford Mustang EV Caught Flying Off Dyno Test!

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How fast is the Ford Mustang exactly? Ask this question at any Mustang worshippers and they would give an undetailed answer of “very fast”. These folks are also uninterested in the trims on the Mustang because in their eyes, every model is a champion.

Well, if you are among them, then you will probably be over the moon when you witness a Ford Mustang flying off a dyno test. The Mustang in question, however, is one that is modified to run on electrics and it is also packed with a performance upgrade called Rabbit mode.

Thanks to the upgrade, the electric Mustang EV can’t stay still on the dyno test as the car hops at every opportunity it gets. You can check out the dyno test in the video below but before you hit the play button, just note that the Mustang in question is a kids’ model.