Ford Mustang EV: Wait Over Soon

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Ford did announce that they are working on an EV crossover model that will be inspired by their Ford Mustang and now it has been added that the vehicle will be making its debut this year.

There is not a whole lot of details about the Ford Mustang-inspired EV crossover but they did say that they aim to have it offer about 300miles when it arrives. If this is true, it would put it right in front of the Tesla Model X 100D model which is offering about 295miles.

Ford has also added that the vehicle’s charging process will be an “effortless experience at home and on the road” although we will have to wait and see what this all means when they debut it later this year.

Besides talking about the EV crossover, Ford also added that the electric F-150 is still far away which means it might take some time before we actually see it. They did add that they have already started working on it.