Ford Mustang: Gearbox Mishap Worrying GM Drivers!

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The all-new Ford Mustang is in a bad shape at the moment and this is due to a major fault found with the 10-speed automatic gearbox.

Like how it was with the Jeep Grand Cherokee very recently ago, investigations have found the Mustang with the 10-speed automatics being unable to engage into Park properly and this endangers the lives of those around the car.

The good news here is that there has yet to be any injuries caused by the issue and Ford has rushed to recall every new Mustang that wears the 10-speed automatics.

What we find shocking here is that some section of the crowd fears the issue may spread on to the vehicles from GM. This is solely because the gearbox is a product of a Ford-GM collaboration.

There is no wrong to be worried over such things and we personally can’t guarantee if the vehicles from GM are safe from the issue. The only solution right now is to be cautious for those who owns a car with the 10-speed automatics.