Ford Mustang: Giving SUV Conversion The Nod!

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The above is a picture of a Ford Mustang that has been converted into an SUV and it was made to be a joke for April’s Fool 2018. However, for a rendering that was made for entertainment purpose, it has convinced us that Ford is considering the development of a ‘Mustang’ for their utility line-up.

Hear us out for a bit. Ford has pledged to become a utility-focussed carmaker but they don’t have a pure performance SUV/crossover to challenge the likes of Trackhawk from rivals FCA. This is gradually changing after Ford brought out the Edge ST but the carmaker knows better that a pure performance model is required add excitement into their line-up.

In other words, Ford needs a vehicle that can do what the Mustang did for their discontinued cars line-up. The Mustang has successfully turned into an icon and it is the only car that has survived Ford’s move into the utility realm.

On the other hand, converting the Mustang into an SUV will only destroy Ford’s image. The only way around this is for the carmaker to produce a Mustang-based SUV without any official relations to the muscle car.

With that being said, the joke pictured above may just end up stepping into production to go toe-to-toe with FCA’s Trackhawk. It can also make a great poster vehicle for Ford in the utility scene, as long as they don’t call it the Mustang SUV. Can it work out well?