Ford Mustang GT500: Another Reason To Skip LA!

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The 2018 LA Auto Show will commence in about a month from now and it promises to host the unveiling of several new, exciting vehicles. One particular name that has been linked to debuting at the event is the Ford Mustang GT500 and we have shot down every expectation since the start of this year.

We simply don’t see LA as a fitting location for Ford to unveil the next-gen Mustang GT500 as the event has turned into a fairground for automakers to pull the curtains off their green vehicles.

So when Ford suddenly shared a picture of the next-gen Mustang GT500 online last week, it got many speculating that the car won’t wait until Detroit for its debut. Well, we are here to shoot this expectation down again with a new proof.

If you are to check out the 2018 LA Auto Show preview cards, there are no mentions of the GT500 anywhere and this is a clear sign that the car will not participate at the event. Detroit is Ford’s home and it will make the perfect setting for the arrival of the next-gen GT500.

But of course, we could be wrong and Ford may pull off an unforgettable surprise. It’s an unlikely happening and not hoping for it will help out with the surprise, as well as killing the risk of disappointment.