Ford Mustang GT500 Inching Closer To V8 Madness

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One of the biggest miss at the recent LA Auto Show is the next-gen Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. The car was rumoured to make its first appearance at the motoring event but the otherwise happened.

With LA not being the place for the next GT500, then we can fully expect the car to debut at the Detroit Motor Show. The upcoming event will let loose every detail on the GT500 and it will also bring confirmation on what sort of V8 will rest under the hood of the car.

Ford has already trashed the reports claiming that the GT500 will pick up the downsizing trend when they shared that the car will utilize a V8 mill as that is what makes a Mustang.

This confirmation created a lot of discussions on what sort of V8 it will be and the majority are siding with a new and improved Voodoo mill. There are also a lot of people siding with a turbocharged V8 mill that will be called EcoBeast.

There is no certainty at current moment and the only way to find out is to wait for Detroit. If you have to pick a V8 for the next GT500, which would you choose?