Ford Mustang Holding On To The Crown

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With what Dodge has been offering on their Dodge Challenger, you would think that they would finally be able to catch up to Ford and their Mustang but that did not happen.

While it was reported that the Dodge Challenger is the only muscle car to have its sales number improve last year, it is still not enough to threaten the Ford Mustang. Dodge sold about 66,716 units of Dodge Challenger last year with a growth of 3% in sales went compared to 2017, it still trail behidn Ford Mustang.

Ford manage to sell about 75,843 units of the Mustang last year keeping their top position for another year despite the fact that sales dropped y 7.4%.

The Chevrolet Camaro comes in third with 50,963 units sold with sales dropping 25% last year. It will be interesting to see who will come on top this year once more if Ford working to take the covers off their Shelby this year.