Ford Mustang Recalled, Poor Shifters Blamed

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Ford is recalling the Mustang after discovering an issue with the 6R80 transmission that it runs on. Ford explained that the output speed sensor on the Mustang’s transmission lead frame can force the gearbox to downshift into first gear for no reason at all.

This is really dangerous because if the slip is to happen when the Mustang is speeding, it can cause the wheels to lock thus causing a crash. Furthermore, it is not just Mustang that is affected by the issue. The Ford Expedition, Ford F-150 and Lincoln Navigator too are suspected to carry the fault.

A total of 201,900 examples of the aforementioned vehicles are being recalled as we speak. Ford has already notified owners of the 2011-2012 F-150, 2012 Expedition, 2012 Mustang and 2012 Lincoln Navigator of the issue.