Ford Mustang Slides & Splits In Two, Driver Should’ve Died

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As great as the Ford Mustang is, the car has always been associated with gruesome crashes and most of them involves an attempt to let loose in an uncontrolled environment.

Today, another Mustang crash got shared online and it proved that the above statement is pure truth. To make matters worse, the Mustang in this latest clip has split into two after it crashed straight into a pole upon making a launch in an illegal street race.

The launch from stop saw the driver losing control of his car as the Mustang slides from side-to-side. At peak momentum, the Mustang swerved sideways towards a pole where it made physical impact. The aftermath saw a car that is completely disfigured.

The only miracle here is that the driver managed to walk away with his life, and of course some broken bones. You can see it for yourself below.