Ford Mustang SUV Confirmed, May Spawn A Raptor!

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The name Raptor is often applied on the meanest, most aggressive performance trucks from Ford and it may also be used on the upcoming Mustang SUV.

Just a month ago, Ford confirmed on the development of a Mustang for the SUV market with hopes of the vehicle becoming a new performance icon for tall-riding vehicles.

While the majority of Mustang fans may be against this move, they are unbothered by it so long as the original Mustang remains to be an actively produced vehicle.

The only setback here is that Ford has not shared any details on their plans with the Mustang SUV and this has made it hard for us to denounce the possibility of a high-flying Raptor trim.

Independent designer X-Tomi is well ahead of things as he has penned down his visualization of the Mustang SUV. You can check out the rendering below and we would love to see your reaction for it.

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