Ford Mustang SUV Makeover The Perfect Response To Jeep Trackhawk?

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Ever since Jeep launched the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, we have been struggling to find a rival vehicle that can compete on both price point and performance.

Chevrolet has left us disappointed with the Tahoe RST due to the SUV having significantly lower power hence it is up to Ford on getting the job done. Like Chevrolet, Ford boasts plenty of SUVs in their line-up but none of them actually has a performance that can scare the Trackhawk.

This then brings us to the picture above, which went viral across the web last week. The concept photo is made by Jennings Motor and it gives us a good imagination on how a Ford Mustang will look like when being an SUV.

Honestly speaking, it does not look impossible at all as the Mustang SUV appears like a more aggressive version of the Ford Edge. If it is to adopt a powerful V8 engine, the Mustang SUV can bring the fight to the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Would you like the Mustang SUV to happen?