Ford Mustang SUV Takes Another Step Towards Reality

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The picture above is a fan-made concept that offers us a good look at the Ford Mustang in SUV form and it was utilized as an April Fools joke last year. Most viewers got a good laugh at the image but it never changed their stance against a Mustang SUV.

For Ford however, it is now in their best interest to produce the Mustang SUV. This was teased in an announcement last week where Ford said that the want to have an SUV version of their iconic pony car but one that drives on pure electric.

Today, the Mustang SUV nightmare takes another step at materialization after a road user managed to scope a camouflaged prototype on camera. The test mule was pictured testing its driving ability on public roads and it looks ready to make an appearance as an official concept later this year.

The only good thing here is that Ford isn’t replacing the Mustang with an SUV like what Mitsubishi is doing for the Evolution.

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