Ford Mustang: When A Burnout Literally Raises The Heat

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A showboating Ford Mustang is a common sight here in the US and they often suffer an ugly end. If you are to input the name Mustang and the term car meets on YouTube, you will see that the majority of the videos are about a show-off gone wrong with the car.

Today, another one of those videos have surfaced online and it actually offers a different twist. Instead of the usual Mustang sliding out of control into oncoming traffic or a Mustang crashing into pedestrian, the clip gives the world a look at a tuned Mustang bursting into flames when performing a burnout.

If you like seeing cars turning into a fireball, you have landed in the right page as we have embedded the video of the burning Mustang below. We don’t see anything wrong with clip because the Mustang is, after all, doing a burnout.