Ford Ranger Diesel Will Blow Chevy Colorado Away!

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The Ford Ranger has been closely linked to getting a diesel powertrain and word has it that the diesel mill will feature on the range-topping Ranger Raptor.

If true, we are expecting the Ranger Raptor to blow the Chevrolet Colorado away and this is especially after hearing the first powertrain reveal on the Ranger from Ford.

As how it was reported on Ranger5g, the Ranger 2WD Extended Cab will rely on the 2.3L EcoBoost turbo-4 engine that will return a maximum payload of 1,840lbs and max towing of 7,000lbs.

This is already significantly better than the best petrol-powered Chevrolet Colorado and a level below the diesel-powered Colorado. The latter has got max towing of 7,700lbs, about 700lbs more than the Ranger. With the Ranger Raptor, the numbers is likely to be around the 8,500lbs mark.

Such an offering will allow the Ranger to eclipse over the Colorado in the midsized pickup truck scene and all that is left is for Ford to offer an attractive price tag with the vehicle to bury its rivals.