Ford Ranger May Debut At LA Instead Of Detroit, Here’s Why

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The LA Auto Show has often been the place for major car releases but this has changed in recent years. Last year’s LA Auto Show saw the event being turned into a playground for EV carmakers and this has created a mental taboo for carmakers to bring out a gas-guzzling vehicle at the event.

With that being said, many insiders and rumours have agreed that the next-gen Ranger won’t be debuting at the event. Instead, the midsized pickup truck will look at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show to make its official launch debut.

But then again, when you observe Ford’s sales performance for 2018 thus far, you will see that the year has been very rough for the carmaker. The numbers have struck a new low in 4 years and this may force Ford into launching the Ranger earlier than expected.

By earlier, some outlets have started looking at LA Auto Show as the place where the Ranger will make its debut. The new nature of the event may potentially be hostile towards the Ranger and it will be a risk that Ford will need to take if they want to save some face for 2018.