Ford Ranger Raptor Hands Americans A Diesel Preview!

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It is no longer a secret that Ford is reviving the Ranger here in the US and the vehicle will be debuting together with the Raptor trim. Ford has indicated that the US-bound Ranger will be close to the model that is being sold globally although there will still be some tweaks to make it extra special for the States.

This strongly suggests that the Ranger Raptor may arrive with a turbocharged diesel engine like how it is in other parts of the world. Such an offering can give the Ranger Raptor an edge over its rivals here in the US but it can also be the downfall for the pickup truck due to the unpopularity of diesels in this country.

Well, if it does happen, you don’t need to worry about the performance with the Ranger Raptor because the diesel mill will live up to the definitions of insanity. Today, you can take a good look at how well a diesel-powered Ranger Raptor can perform after a video showcasing a unit getting dirty surfaced online.