Ford Ranger: US Pricing Promising A Craze!

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Every passing day brings us closer to the release of the Ranger in the US and we can’t wait for that to happen. The Ranger’s return in the market will finally put the debates to rest as it will reveal the true performance and price of the truck.

But then again, it appears that you don’t have to wait any longer to know how much money the next-gen Ranger will go for as the pickup truck’s pricing has leaked online.

The leak surfaced a week ago through Ford’s online configurator and it shows the Ranger having an opening price of about $24,300. When compared to rivals, the Ranger is about $3,000 more expansive than the Chevrolet Colorado but a full $1,000 cheaper than the Toyota Tacoma.

It is a level of pricing that is fitting of the current state in the midsized pickup truck scene and it will be interesting to see what the base Ranger can offer to make it stand out from the crowd.

But before you get all excited, the above is based on a leak online configurator from Ford and it may change when the Ranger get released. As such, you will still need to take the above with loads of salt.

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