Ford Ranger vs Hyundai Pickup Leaves Chevy Colorado In The Dark

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It is an exciting time to be a midsized pickup truck lover here in the US as more new models are coming out to spice up the market. Even so, only two names carry the biggest prospect for success and they are the Ford Ranger and the Hyundai Santa Cruz Pickup.

Most of you should be very familiar with the former as the Ranger was once an active player here in the US. The pickup will be making a return through a new generation model next year and it is confirmed to be very much like the award-winning Ranger that is being sold overseas.

As for the Santa Cruz Pickup, it is confirmed to come out in 2019 and it will be Hyundai’s very first attempt in the pickup truck segment. Hyundai has the habit of making a loud debut in a new market hence we can expect the same with the Santa Cruz Pickup. In other words, the latter will be going all-out with its offerings and this can spell trouble for the Ford Ranger.

The unfortunate thing here is that both Ford and Hyundai have yet to offer any major details regarding their pickup trucks hence we can’t tell on which vehicle will be better.

The certainty here is that the aging Chevrolet Colorado will fall off the top of the pecking order unless it gets upgraded in time to face the competition. Wouldn’t you agree?