Ford Robobutt Test Seat Fitted For All Europe Model

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Those that likes to drive and exercise will be quite familiar with some of the more common issue like more wear and tear on the seats because of the constant expose to sweaty bottoms.

To minimize the damage done and make the seats last longer, Ford has developed a new testing robot called the Robobutt. The robot was design to mimic how human get in and out of the car seats. To make sure they got all the conditions right, the Robobutt is also fed water and heated up. It will then be fitted to the seats where it moves arounf 7500 times in three days to simulate decaide worth of use.

This will help Ford find a way to have car seats look good for longer. The first Robobutt approve seat was fitted on the Ford Fiesta in Europe last year but now Ford is ready to offer it on all Ford models on the continent.

Of course, this might make your seat last longer but it won’t get rid of the odor so maybe consider a seat cover to go along with the seat.