Ford Still Confident That EV Is The Future

With gasoline prices taking a hit right now, there have been a lot of talks about how the cheaper fuel price would affect the sales of EV models but Ford is still confident that the EV car segment will continue to grow.

According to Ford’s Mark Kaufman, they believe that EVs will take up a third of vehicles cold globally in 2030. He added that Ford is hoping that offering EV models that are attractive enough could convince their customers to buy an EV not because it is most cost-efficient but because they want to own one.

One model that was used as an example is the Mach-E which was powered with an electric powertrain. Not only is it practical but it is also stylish and quick.

So it looks like even with cheaper gasoline prices, we should continue to see more EVs coming from autoamkers.

Author: Staff Reporter

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