Ford Takes GM Place, Invest In Rivian

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It was previously revealed that talks between GM and Rivian might have collapsed as both companies could not find a middle ground to agree on and now it looks like Ford has stepped in to fill in the gap.

According to the reports, Ford will be investing $500 million in Rivian. The investment will lead to a new battery electric vehicle for Ford that will be riding on the flexible skateboard platform by Rivian.

While we know that Ford has invested in Rivian, we still do not know what kind of vehicle they will be released using the Rivian tech or when they plan to release it. We know that there will be a Mustang inspired all-electric crossover as well as an electric F-150. If all goes according to plan, Joe Hinrichs, the president of automotive in Ford will be joining the board of directors for Rivian.

Besides getting $500million from Ford, Amazon also invested $700 million on Rivian.