Ford & Volkswagen Wants To Explore Self Driving Future Together?

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There is no denying that self-driving will play a big part in the automotive industry in a few years time and automakers are already working towards that right now. While some automakers choose to work on their own, it looks like Ford and Volkswagen might be looking to work together.

According to Bloomberg, Ford and Volkswagen might be talking about a potential partnership to develop self-driving vehicles together bu investing in Argo AI, an autonomous vehicle startup where Ford is the majority investor.

Ford and Volkswagen are already working together on commercial vans and medium-sized pickup trucks so it would not surprise us if they take things further and work together on self-driving vehicles as well.

Partnering up with another automaker will not only speed up the development process but it is also a nice way to lower cost. Neither Ford or Volkswagen has made any announcement yet so we will have to wait and see.