Ford’s Baby Bronco Won’t Be Suzuki Jimny’s Match!

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Ford is on the verge of launching more new SUVs and among them is a smaller version of the next-gen Bronco. This was confirmed through the teased image above which saw Ford promising to launch a ‘Baby Bronco’ alongside the next-gen Bronco.

Upon confirming on this, many were quick to speculate that Ford is anticipating the potential threat that is the Suzuki Jimny. Rumours have been rife in claiming that the Jimny is coming to the US and there is no better way for Ford to compete with the vehicle than with a Baby Bronco.

But then again, new details have emerged on the latter and it strongly suggests that the vehicle is not made to compete with the Jimny, or any other all-terrain compact SUV. It has been revealed that the Baby Bronco will have a 4-door setup and room for 5 occupants. This makes it more practical than the its larger sibling, the Bronco.

The aim here is to offer a practical SUV that can do some mild off-roading and not anything extreme like the Bronco or the Jimny. So even if the Jimny is to debut in the US, the Baby Bronco won’t be there to compete with it.